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So many of life’s most meaningful moments occur in church–in the presence of God, in the company of those we love, and in the spirit of hope and fellowship. We are honored to be the place where so many of our parishioners have been married, baptized, confirmed, and remembered. 

Please read on to see how we can share in some or all of your most meaningful life events.


Being sealed as Christ’s own forever is a powerful and essential sacrament for every Episcopalian. And we look forward to making that day as personally memorable and spiritually rewarding as possible. 

Baptisms are offered in the sanctuary during both the 9 am and 11:15 am Sunday worship services so the full congregation can share in your joy and commitment. They are also offered at the 10 am service in the summer. 

Exceptional days for baptism are the Sunday in January celebrating the Baptism of our Lord, on Pentecost, the day of the Bishop’s visit, and on All Saints’ Sunday in November. The full list of baptism dates in 2021 are October 10, and November 7. In 2022 baptisms will be offered January 9, February 13, May 15, June 5, July 10, August 7, and November 6.

Parents and sponsors (Godparents) are expected to attend a pre-baptism meeting in the church on the Saturday immediately preceding the baptism date. Email Becky Page (or call her at 804-355-1779, ext. 314) to ask any questions and complete the forms needed.



At. St. James’s we like to think of Confirmation as “base camp” on your spiritual journey. It’s neither your point of origin, nor your destination, but a place to rest, grow, and be equipped for your spiritual journey. Newcomers to the church, especially those who have a different faith background, are encouraged to register for confirmation class. Completing the class meets the requirements to be presented to the bishop for baptism, confirmation, reception, or reaffirmation at St. James’s in the spring. Contact The Rev. Hilary Streever at 804-355-1779 ext. 316  to sign up.

Youth confirmation preparation is offered for students beginning in 9th grade. To learn more about our youth confirmation class, please visit our Youth Page or contact Mary Beth Abplanalp at


Your wedding day is one of the most anticipated and cherished days of your life. And it is our profound honor and delight to be the spiritual home of such an important occasion. If you or your fiance, or a member of one of your immediate families, is a member of St. James’s, you are invited to hold your wedding here. The first step in making arrangements is to call Mary Brown at 804-355-1779, ext 313. Just to be clear, though, only a member of the clergy can confirm your wedding date. 

Per the canons of the Episcopal Church, premarital counseling is also part of your wedding planning. And if you’re divorced and remarrying, permission from the Bishop is required. 

There’s a lot more to know, of course. Please read the St. James’s Wedding Guide. Except for “Do you take this man or woman…?” it should answer all (or most) of your questions.

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Honoring and remembering our loved ones and friends is an essential part of the grieving process. And just as we have celebrated some of life’s most joyous moments with you, we are here for you during life’s darkest moments too. In addition to providing our sanctuary or memorial garden as a site for your funeral services, our clergy are also available for pastoral counseling before, after, and at the time of death. 

There is no fee for funerals, however the cost of altar flowers and any additional musicians is expected. 

The Memorial Garden at St. James’s was established in 1985 for the burial of human ashes in a common garden. It is located in the courtyard adjacent to the west side of the sanctuary. Application for the interment of ashes may be made at the time of need by the next of kin, or pre-arrangements may be made by contacting the Rector. Only cremated human remains may be buried in the Garden. The remains are buried directly in the earth and are not recoverable, nor are they preserved in any manner.  To inquire about funeral services at St. James’s, please contact Mary Brown at 804-355-1779 ext. 313.

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