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Children’s Center Cross

The 2021 Children’s Center Cross is here!

The Children’s Center Cross is a wonderful St. James’s Christmas tradition and an annual work of love by Children’s Center board members and friends. Cross designer Tenley Beazley described the 2021 design, “Following last year’s dove ornament where we wanted to convey the idea of Peace, this year I thought we should send the message of Love and Kindness, hence the heart incorporated into the design.”

This year’s crosses are available for a donation of $30 each. Each wooden ornament comes tucked inside a fabric bag complete with a gift card enclosure and is dedicated in memory of Geoff Sisk. This donation will cover two weeks’ cost of breakfast, lunch and two daily snacks for one of our children.

Order your Children’s Center Cross here.

Free delivery on orders of ten or more.
For more information, contact Winnie Canup at the Children’s Center. at [email protected] or call 804-358-9788.
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