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ACTS Advocacy Team

Area Congregations Together In Service (ACTS) is a network of congregations representing a broad spectrum of faith traditions and many community partners working together in Greater Richmond to prevent homelessness. ACTS provides case assessment, referrals, and emergency financial support to individuals and families who are in financial crisis and who are at risk of losing their housing. ACTS and St. James’s, through the office of Nancy Warman, have a strong working partnership in crisis ministry. The ACTS Advocacy Team serves to raise awareness and interest in the work of ACTS among members of St. James’s. It has created and sustains a template of ideas and activities that can be used by other ACTS partner congregations to educate their members about the important mission of ACTS and to suggest possible funding strategies within the congregations. Volunteers also help to host awareness-building events.

Contact:   Margie Gray, 357-4442

ACTS House

Area Congregations Together In Service (ACTS)
Keep your eyes open for the brightly painted blue house that will have lots of open windows and regularly sits in our Narthex! This is our ACTS house, built by our young people and those of St. John’s United Church of Christ, along with adult lay leaders, Kyle Martin, Matt Presson, and former youth minister, Alex Riffee.  The open windows are for you – children and adults to put your contributions of personal hygiene items and household products, all to go to support the individuals and families served by ACTS, a signature ministry of St. James’s and a faith-based ministry of congregations that provides emergency financial assistance for rent, utilities, mortgage, and other basic needs that will help families sustain housing stability. Our challenge as a congregation will be to fill the house!  Week by week we will witness the addition of gifts until the house is filled to the brim!

This ministry challenge is a creative and exciting opportunity to engage our entire congregation in ministry.  Advocacy team, young people, adult lay leaders, and all of us can participate. We encourage parents to take this opportunity to talk to children about the needs of others and to let them go shopping to choose the gifts that they will bring.  Let them come each Sunday to see the house as gifts “grow” and encourage them to be part of the challenge. The house will be built on wheels and be collapsible.  Over the past year, the house was shared with all of the 40+ partner congregations so that each could participate in a congregational ministry challenge.  St. James’s advocacy team and congregation serve as a model for ministry!  Our advocacy team creates a “template” for other congregations to be engaged in ACTS ministry.

Your gifts and our ministry model reach far and wide into our local community.  Thank you for helping us meet the challenge of helping others.

Bring the following items for the ACTS house anytime and often!

Tooth brush
Tooth paste
Female Products
Toilet Tissue
Dish detergent
Laundry detergent
Paper towels
Paper napkins
Dish cloths
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