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Since establishing the St. James’s Endowment Fund, Inc. in 1957 as a tax-exempt corporation, the endowment trustees have supported the good works of St. James’s Church by overseeing the investment and growth of the fund and distributing funds to maintain and expand church facilities, provide parking for members and visitors, and support its outreach efforts and ministries. Since inception, the endowment has expended over $6 million for such purposes. Through sound investment management and generous gifts from members of St. James’s, the endowment fund has grown from a starting value of approximately $140,000 to over $11 million.

The St. James’s Endowment Fund, Inc. is managed by a Board of Trustees composed of the Rector and nine lay trustees, all of whom must have served previously on the Vestry. Each lay trustee is a voting member of the Board. Trustees include the Rector, the Senior Warden, the Junior Warden, one trustee selected by the Vestry and six permanent trustees elected by the Endowment Board of Trustees.

From the unrestricted portion of the endowment fund, the trustees distribute to the Vestry each year a grant equal to 4% of the three-year rolling average value of the unrestricted endowment fund, net of fees, to be expended in the discretion of the Vestry for the needs of the church.

In addition to the unrestricted endowment fund, the trustees manage several restricted endowed funds:

1. Endowed Pledge Fund: Perpetuate your annual pledge to St. James’s after your death by distributing 4% of the three-year rolling average value of such fund, net of fees, to the Vestry each year to meet annual budget expenses

2. Music and Worship Fund: Supports St. James’s Music Program upon request of Rector, Senior Warden, and the Director of Music

3. Anderson Horan Fund: Supports the Rectors Discretionary Fund

4. Scott-Taliaferro Fund: Provide scholarships to current members of St. James’s

Click here to learn more about Legacy Giving and how you can contribute to the St. James’s Endowment Fund. If you wish to make a gift to the Endowment Fund at St. James’s or make other provisions to contribute specifically for endowment in a will, trust or other giving vehicle, please reach out to Director of Stewardship Grace Barrett at [email protected] or call (804) 355-1779. The specific tax ID for St. James’s Endowment Fund, Inc. is: 83-2821776.

Endow Your Pledge

You may endow your pledge by designating your legacy gift to the Pledge Endowment Fund within the St. James’s Endowment Fund. Ideally, the amount you leave would generate a return that would equal your current annual pledge. In doing so, you create a perpetual yearly contribution to annual giving. Let’s say your current pledge is $2,500. At the required “spending rate” of 4.5% in the Pledge Endowment Fund, an endowed gift of just over $55,000 would generate a $2,500 annual gift in perpetuity (subject to investment performance).

It is part of the legacy from previous generations of our family to give to causes we support, not only during our lives but in what we leave behind.

— Marjorie Bribitzer and her daughter Janet Peyton

Well, first and foremost, we believe in St. James’s Church. It’s a tremendous steward of our annual tithe. Just think about the countless lives that have been blessed by direct or indirect association with the church over the last century. So it makes sense that St. James’s is on our list of organizations that we believe will continue to make the community a better place long after we’re gone. That’s a comforting feeling.

— The Acey Family

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