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Godly Play

A team of storytellers and doorkeepers serve in each of the Godly Play classes for three year olds through 1st graders. Volunteers alternate between telling the story and welcoming the children into the sacred space of the Godly Play classroom.

Growing in Faith Rotational Model

There are a variety of opportunities to share your time and talents while serving our elementary school children. Workshop leaders, shepherds, service coordinators, and materials volunteers engage with the second through fifth graders in Sunday school. Workshop leaders teach one lesson to several classes over the course of several Sundays either once or several times throughout the year. Materials volunteers work behind the scenes approximately once each month during the year. Service project coordinators will assist with projects in October and January.


Parent volunteers engage with infants, toddlers, and pre-school children in the nursery each Sunday during the 9:00 a.m. service (10:00 service in the summer). All parents whose children use the nursery are encouraged to be a part of this ministry.

Children’s Chapel

Children’s Chapel is offered during the 9:00 a.m. Eucharist service throughout the program year. Adult volunteers welcome the children into the chapel and support the clergy as they lead the children in worship.

Baptismal Banners

Parishioners create personalized banners for each child baptized at St. James’s. No artistic talent required only simple tracing, cutting, and gluing. Service in this ministry can be performed at home or at church.

Advent Fair

Volunteers can serve in this ministry by preparing materials in advance or they can volunteer to assist during the Advent Fair which is typically held on the first Sunday of Advent.

Christmas Pageant

Volunteers assist with costuming and chaperoning pageant participants during both the dress rehearsal and the pageant. Volunteers may also assist with costumes, props, and lighting.

Vacation Bible School

VBS volunteers serve in a variety of roles both leading up to and during the program. Volunteers serve in planning, decorating, and materials procurement prior to VBS. The week of VBS, volunteers serve as shepherds and activities leaders. Youth volunteers are welcome and encouraged to serve at VBS.

You can submit information on your children and/or your own interest in serving in a role for Children’s Ministry on this form.

If you would prefer a Word document use this link or a PDF you can print and fill in by hand, use this link.

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