Oberammergau Pilgrimage August 10-20, 2020

This 11-day pilgrimage to Oberammergau and the Passion Play will be led by rector John McCard. Oberammergau is a small, picturesque German village nestled amidst the Bavarian Alps. The passion play was first performed in 1634 as a thanksgiving to God for the village being spared from the ravages of the Black Plague. With a total cast of 1,000, the play boasts 130 speaking parts and to be eligible for a role, a person must have lived in the village for at least twenty years. The day long musical play is performed every ten years and has made the village a center for Christian pilgrimage and devotion. In addition to viewing the Passion Play, we will visit historic and beautiful sites in the Czech Republic, Slovenia, Hungary, Austria, and Germany. See the brochure for this pilgrimage here. If you have an interest in this pilgrimage, contact Matt Harper at matt@mhrservices.com for more information.

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