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Passport Program Grants Support First Mission Trip

According to church records, of the nearly 2,000 adults in our parish family, approximately 150 have been on a mission trip. That’s truly remarkable! But that also means there are roughly 1,875 adults who have not yet been on a mission trip, and if you are part of that group, we have an invitation for you. Participate in our new Passport to Missions program and receive a 50% discount on a mission trip in 2019!

Maybe you’ve considered signing up for a mission trip. Maybe something stopped you – the time away from work or family, fears about stepping outside your comfort zone, or maybe it was the cost of the trip. There are plenty of valid reasons we might say, “No, not right now” or “Maybe someday.” But we want you to consider that perhaps 2019 might be the year to say, “Yes!” to a mission trip. Why now?

First, there’s the fact that our world seems more connected and yet less united than ever before. Social media allows us to share so much of our lives with one another, but it also allows us to silo ourselves into our own echo chambers. In these times of global uncertainty, sharing God’s love through service and building deep relationships with others on a mission trip is a meaningful way to “break down the walls that separate us” (Book of Common Prayer p. 815).

Also, our missions program is currently one of the strongest in the Episcopal Church. We have fruitful partnerships and friendships in Haiti, Cuba, Honduras, Appalachia, and Richmond, and we are building/renewing partnerships in Utah, Nashville and New Orleans. We have amazing lay leaders who skillfully guide our mission teams, and we have a parish family whose generous support makes it all possible. But to build on this success, we need a steady stream of people willing to go on mission, and that’s where you come in!

As an investment in the long-term vibrancy of our Missions program, the Missions Committee is continuing this exciting opportunity for adults in our parish who have never been on a St. James’s mission trip before. We are offering all NEW mission trip participants a 50% discount on a mission trip in 2019. We hope this incentive will help those who may have been hesitant to commit to participating in a mission in 2019. We can be proud of the Missions Committee for taking this bold step. Please contact Andy Smith ([email protected])  to learn more about the Passport to Missions program.

Through the JOIN > MISSIONS choice on the menu above, you will find  mission opportunities that may call you to a new effort, serving as Doers through the world.

While eligibility for the 2019 Passport to Missions program is limited to adults who have never been on a mission trip, remember that scholarships are available for anyone in our parish family who feels called to go on a mission trip. Please contact the Reverend Dr. John McCard ([email protected] or 355-1779, extension 318) for more information about a mission trip scholarship.

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