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Richmond’s Shelters Need Masks

RVA Needs Masks

The Virginia Interfaith Center for Public Policy has recently released a statement announcing the need for face masks in our shelters; #MaskUp Richmond’s most vulnerable!

Please see instructions for creating masks and guidelines for tracking and distributing them to our local shelter and agency partners. In addition we continue to ask for masks for The Virginia Home.

Make Masks

Mask Initiative Guidelines:


Do’s and Dont’s (thank you to Facebook group RVA Masks 4 Health for these specifics)

  • Don’t – use fabrics that have been treated with anything (scotchgard, fabric softener, starch, essential oils, etc)
  • Don’t – use heavyweight fabrics or interfacing
  • Don’t – use yarn for ties


  • Do – wash fabric in hot water and dry to allow for shrinkage before cutting
  • Do – use 100% cotton fabric (if available)
  • Do – use lighter colors (if available) to more easily reveal when a mask is soiled

Drop off Masks

Drop-Off Guidelines (please review each location’s specific needs):

  • Wash hands thoroughly before packing items to drop off
  • Drop off items in a covered location
  • Communicate with staff/contact person once items are dropped off

Where To Drop Off Masks

Richmond Area Shelter Needs


HomeAgain (Veterans, Mens and Family Shelter)

They are serving men, women and families since 1980. They have three locations, and almost 100 residents in need of masks.

  • Mask Needs: 100-200 (2 per client so they can switch out regularly)
  • Drop-off Requirements: Any time, weekday or weekend.
  • Location for Drop-off

11 West Grace Street

Richmond, VA, 23220



Housing Families First 

They are a mission to assist families experiencing homelessness achieve housing stability. They have many families in need of masks.

  • Mask Needs: Adult and Children’s masks, any amount is helpful!
  • Drop-off Requirements: DO NOT DROP OFF TO THIS LOCATION
  • Please mail masks to:

Terry Iguina

3900 Nine Mile Road

Richmond, VA, 23223



The Salvation Army of Central Virginia

They continue their ‘Open doors, open hearts’ work during this crisis. They have two locations in need of 160 masks total.

  • Mask Needs (Grace Street Location): 60 masks, including some longer masks (7-8 inches) for male clients
  • Mask Needs (R Street Location): 100 masks, including some longer masks (7-8 inches) for male clients
  • Drop off Requirements (Both locations):
  • Location for Drop-off:

Grace Street (front entrance)-

2 West Grace Street

Richmond, VA, 23220

R Street (front entrance)-

3701 R Street

Richmond, VA, 23223


The Virginia Home

They are a private, nonprofit home that provides nursing, therapeutic, residential, and compassionate care to adult Virginians with irreversible physical disabilities.

  • Mask Needs: and other PPE
  • Drop off Requirements:
  • Please drop off masks: Frances McDermott will collect and distribute
  • Location for Drop-off:

Front porch of the St. James’s Church Office

1205 West Franklin Street

Richmond, VA, 23220

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