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In many ways, the Sacristy is central to our worship service.

Each Saturday, the faithful Altar Guild scurries around the Sanctuary from their hub, the Sacristy.  One carries the newly arranged flowers and places behind the Altar.  One goes to the Ambry, and gathers the consecrated elements to prepare home kits for LEMs. The Fair Linen and the Liturgical Colors are pulled from drawers and closets and placed on the Altar table, the Lectern, and the Pulpit.  And then come the Chalices and Patens, breadboxes, with carefully counted wafers, and cruets of water and wine, all going to the Credence tables in the Chancel.  Wicks are trimmed; silver is polished; hymns are posted.  On Sunday, the Flagon of wine and Ciborium with wafers are delivered to the Oblation table at the rear of the Sanctuary.

After the service, all this goes back to the Sacristy, along with the collections.  Wine left in the chalices is poured down the Piscina, a basin that drains to the earth.  Money is counted and placed in labeled baggies and placed in the safe.  Unused, consecrated elements are placed into the Ambry.

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