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Each of us experiences St. James’s in our own way. But every one of us is inspired by the same powerful call to be God’s hands in the world.

When you give to St. James’s you empower our hands to do more, share more, and bring more to our neighbors and to each other. Your gift also supports the development, growth and blossoming of our church—and, not by accident, each one of us too.

Together, we’re all moving closer to God. Together, we’re creating meaning in our lives and hope in the world. And together we’re all making our church home more comforting, more welcoming and more life-changing.

If you feel your relationship with St. James’s hasn’t just changed the world and our church for the better, but also transformed you in ways big and small, let that be reflected in your pledge this year.

God works through you. Be part of God’s new creation by helping build a community of love—in our church, in our city, and in the world.

But please remember that St. James’s strives to provide gifts to every one of us—especially you. Whether it’s meaningful relationships, comfort during challenging times, a feeling of peace, a sense of being closer to God, a calling to your higher self, the joys of community, or something it’s hard to put into words. Whatever it is, there’s so much you receive from St. James’s that compels you to join us, to worship here, to give.

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