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Singing is A Family Affair

The anthems, for Sunday’s (July 5th) Morning Prayer service, were recorded at the home of Patrick and Laura Strickler. It was wonderful to hear and see parish members safely gathering. 

The recording session was extra special – Trey Sibley was joined by his daughters, Olivia and Taylor. We wanted to find out more.  

Trey, it’s exciting to see your kids share your singing talents. Can you tell us a little bit about how you got into music/singing?

I played the French Horn in middle and high school and found I actually had some talent.  Through some excellent teachers and mentors, I was able to attend the National Music Camp in Interlochen, Michigan and developed a love for classical music.  So no choral singing, but a lot of music.

How long have you been part of St. James’s West Gallery Choir? 

One summer (maybe 2009?), I was sitting next to Patrick Strickler, who had been in the choir for years. He could hear that I could carry a tune, and later that morning I made the mistake of noting how much I loved the Sebelius arrangement that the choir sang.  Patrick told Virginia and the rest is history.

When did Olivia and Taylor join St. James’s choir?

The girls have been in the choir since they were cherubs, and Taylor and I have done some things together for Homegrown.  It’s really special to be able to do something like this with them.

Now we understand you, Patrick and George have become close friends through St. James’s West Gallery Choir. Is there anything you would like to share about them?

As for Patrick and George, where do I begin? Those two knuckleheads add a lot of joy to my life.  I had known Patrick before, but got to know George through choir and count both of them among my best friends. We do a lot together, and we cut up in rehearsal more than Virginia can tolerate. Almost.

Here’s what Laura Stickler had to say:

It was really fun to have the whole gang over to do the recording. It’s always a treat to see Trey performing with his girls – it’s clear how much each of them enjoys being able to do it together.  Additionally, as the Sibleys, the Bishops and the Stricklers are all good friends who have all sung in the adult or youth choirs at one point. It felt a bit like a reunion. Seeing Mark & Virginia joyfully in their element – out in the elements – was special.  The day that we were recording, our neighbors were having some construction work done, and it was hot. One of the workers was enjoying his lunch in the grass on the other side of our bushes, and I just know he must’ve enjoyed the live concert in addition to his sandwich!

Singers (Left to Right): Patrick Strickler, Olivia Sibley, Taylor Sibley, Trey Sibley, 

  Virginia Whitmire, George Bishop and Mark Whitmire

Music: Anthem: If ye love me – Thomas Tallis

 Anthem: I heard the voice of Jesus say -John Dykes

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