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Michaux House Parlors

You walk past them every Sunday on your way to coffee hour or for a Wednesday night dinner or for a celebration in Valentine Hall. You may even stop and sit to reflect on the day or just have a quiet moment before becoming completely engaged in an activity in the Michaux House.

Our designers preserved the Parlors in the Michaux House to provide yet another Sacred Space that is frequently used for small group meetings, prayerful reflection, or quiet time alone. When there’s an event, like Mardi Gras, they become the center of hustle and bustle as patrons check out after the auction.

Actually three separate spaces, each of the Parlors can accommodate 10 to 15 people for meetings. One has a large table for conferences, and the others, well, they are just comfortable.

Where are you comfortable praying or reflecting? Stop in one of these Parlor Sacred Spaces and discover for yourself the peace they provide.

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