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Thistle Farms Nashville


In 2018, we began a brand-new mission for women. Thistle Farms in Nashville, TN is a powerful community of women who are healing from prostitution, trafficking, and addiction. Our time at Thistle Farms involves listening, touring, serving, and learning from the amazing women working to rebuild their lives through this transformative program. We hope to offer another mission trip to Thistle Farms in 2019.

Thistle Farms is a two-year residential program based in Nashville, Tennessee, that provides housing, medical care, therapy, education, and job training free of charge for women who are survivors of trafficking, prostitution, and addiction.Their comprehensive model offers women hope and healing and the chance to join a growing national and global network dedicated to changing a culture that allows human beings to be bought and sold. To get a full view of the program’s depth, visit their website:

20 years ago, Becca Stevens, an Episcopal priest, dreamed that she could make a difference – and Thistle Farms was born. Today it is a thriving community that helps women discover their worth, gain work skills, and rebuild their lives. We were blessed to have Becca as a preacher and speaker at WomanKind in 2016, and we are excited to begin a new mission partnership with the amazing organization she founded.

In 2018, St. James’s sent a mission team of twelve women to Nashville to partner with Thistle Farms. We worshiped together, worked alongside the women of Thistle Farms, and learned from their stories of recovery and resilience.  If you are interested in joining the mission team for our next journey, please contact trip leaders Sarah Hubard  or Leigh Hulcher.

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