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Wednesday Night Series: Mindfulness and Meditation

Adult Learning
Wednesday Night Series: Mindfulness & Meditation

This year our Wednesday Night gatherings will be broken into three parts, with all events
on Zoom.

You can join fellow parishioners online for Evening Prayer at 5:30 pm, followed at 6:00 pm by our study topic and continued conversation at 7:00 pm. You can choose to come for all or part of our evening together. Register by going here

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting. This link will be emailed each Wednesday to all registered attendees.

In this 6-class Introduction to Mindfulness and Meditation series, St. Jameser Fraser Davis will guide us in an exploration of how mindfulness can support us in living our lives with more peace, clarity and open-heartedness. Each class will include a short talk, guided meditation and mindfulness practices, and collaborative discussion to explore and practice calming our busy minds, taming the stories we tell ourselves, and cultivating social and emotional skills like resilience, intentionality, skillful communication, compassion, and joy. The final class will be taught by Br. Leo Campos, who will talk about how the practices can support our Christian faith and traditional Christian prayer forms.

Fraser is a certified mindfulness meditation teacher offering classes and workshops to individuals, groups, schools and organizations. Fraser is certified by the Greater Good Science Center, University of California, Berkeley having completed their two-year Mindfulness Meditation Teacher Certification Program. She is also a 200-hour trained yoga instructor.

While it is not essential to come to all 6 classes, we hope that you can make it to as many as possible as the concepts and the practices build on each other. And, we learn so much from one another as we share in this exploration of how we can live with more peace, clarity and compassion. Look forward to seeing you!

January 19 – Class One: Introduction to Mindfulness and Meditation 
In this class, we will explore the origins of mindfulness, what exactly mindfulness is, what meditation is, and the science behind meditation. Each class will include a short meditation practice to begin with and a longer one to end with.

January 26 – Class Two: Mindfulness of Body and Breath 
In Class Two we will explore the power of the mind-body connection and how the body and the breath can support us in our mindfulness and meditation practices.

February 2 – Class Three: Mindfulness of Feelings and Emotions
In Class Three we will explore how mindfulness and meditation can help us to process feelings and emotions as they come up in our practice as well as in our daily lives. We will also begin to explore compassion and self-compassion as important elements and practices in the cultivation of resilience.

February 9 – Class Four:  Mindfulness of Thoughts and the Power of Inquiry
In Class Four we will begin to explore our thoughts and the stories our thoughts can create.  We will look at the relationship of these thoughts and stories to our feelings and emotions. We will then begin to inquire into the truth of our thoughts and our stories and find more opportunities for experiencing joy.

February 16 – Class Five:  Mindful Communication
In Class Five we will begin to explore how mindfulness can support us in our relationships with others, our loved ones, our colleagues, all of the many people we come into contact with in our day.  Applying mindfulness to the way we communicate can greatly expand our ability to understand others, to be understood and to forge deeper and more enriching relationships with others.

February 23 – Class Six: Mindfulness and Christian Faith
In Class Six, Br. Leo Campos will guide us in an exploration of how mindfulness can support us in our Christian Faith and in traditional Christian prayer forms.

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