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Keeping a Holy Lent

A few thoughts on having a Lenten Discipline. 

Why have a Lenten Discipline?

Guiding Teenagers in Lent: Giving Up on Giving Up?

Preparing Children for Lent:

 More suggestions for a Lenten Discipline

  • Beyond giving up chocolate, fasting from:
    • An electronic device (perhaps fasting entirely, or during certain times of day)
    • Carbon (perhaps fasting entirely, or from certain emitters: take public transit or bike instead of driving; hang your laundry instead of using the dryer; etc.)
    • A personal vice, even if it’s just raising your personal awareness of it (such as assuming the worst of others’ actions, gossiping, speeding, jealousy, worrying excessively, etc.)
  • Taking on instead of giving up:
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