Sacred Spaces at St. James’s

Our church campus holds many special memories and meaning for parishioners and visitors throughout its history. We hope these images and descriptions of our church spaces will help every visitor see places that might have meaning for their own spiritual journey. For information on our church, please email Donna Horizon.

Parish House

Most days, the Parish House is a center of buzzing activity.  There is a steady flow of people and visitors with constant interaction with the staff and clergy. (more…)

Michaux House Kitchen

We’ve just experienced a glorious Feast, The Taste of St. James’s is next week, and before you blink, Mardi Gras will be here. Between all of these “major” events, (more…)

The Chimes

Next time you find yourself next to the exterior of the sanctuary, take a look at how precisely and tightly the bricks still fit together, and how truly straight and clear-cut the dimensions and angles of the walls remain after 105 years of wind and water and engine exhaust and gravity. (more…)

The Pews

We understand that visitors and newcomers may be a bit lost during the service. Don’t worry, you are in good company.Many people sitting in the pews with you did not grow up in the Episcopal Church, but were drawn to the serenity and beauty of the liturgy, the love of tradition balanced with the ability [...]


In many ways, the Sacristy is central to our worship service. Each Saturday, the faithful Altar Guild scurries around the Sanctuary from their hub, the Sacristy.  (more…)

Sanctuary Nave

Majestic If I could pick one word to describe our Nave/Sanctuary, it would be majestic. By definition, that means impressive or dignified.  It is that, but so much more.  Large, yes; imposing, definitely no. It is impossible to enter without reading the words “Be Ye Doers of the Word and Not Hearers Only” from the [...]

Valentine Hall

When we moved into Michaux House several years ago, we were greeted by a beautiful gathering space, fittingly named Valentine Hall in honor of Henry and Peggy Valentine. With this month’s Chimes theme about Servant Sunday, it could not be more appropriate to recognize this holiest of spaces. Thinking back on the continuous use it [...]

Memorial Garden

One of the most sacred spaces at St. James’s is the Memorial Garden.  Sometimes, we casually walk through it, not even thinking about the significance of the space.  Other times, though, we pause, perhaps take a seat, and spend a few minutes in silent reverence. Our Memorial Garden is now the final resting place for [...]

Choir Room

Propter chorum (for the good of the choir) Drive down West Franklin St. past St. James’s on Wednesday or Thursday night. You’ll see lights burning brightly on the 2nd floor of Gibson Hall — the choir room.From the street you’ll hear the sound of voices — sometimes broken into parts, sometimes combined in glorious harmony, [...]

The Chapel

Have you been in the Chapel for a service?  An evening prayer?  A wedding?  Eucharist?  If the answer is ‘Yes’, you understand the closeness of community when seated or when gathered at the Altar rail. Behind is the Alpha / Omega window, a reminder that our Christ is ever present…the beginning and the end.  Do [...]

The Narthex

The entry way to the church is called the narthex, a word that comes from the Greek for “small case.” Originally the enclosed vestibule or porch to a basilica, where penitents and catechumans stood during a service. St. James’s narthex is where first impressions of our church are made.  It’s a place for a warm [...]

Michaux House Parlors

You walk past them every Sunday on your way to coffee hour or for a Wednesday night dinner or for a celebration in Valentine Hall. You may even stop and sit to reflect on the day or just have a quiet moment before becoming completely engaged in an activity in the Michaux House. (more…)