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The Chimes

Next time you find yourself next to the exterior of the sanctuary, take a look at how precisely and tightly the bricks of our steeple still fit together, and how truly straight and clear-cut the dimensions and angles of the walls remain after 105 years of wind and water and engine exhaust and gravity.  Our steeple tops out at about 180 feet above ground level, yet it was designed and built with 1912 technology. It still stands straight and tall, and the steel framing and tension rods that keep it that way are still doing their job just as well as they did a century ago.

The soul and voice of the steeple are the chimes, which have faithfully served for four generations.  They continue to ring out four times daily with a regular repertoire of joyful peals, introspective chants, and timeless hymns that call all who hear to come join us at church, to stop and pray, or simply to listen and sing along.

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