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Michaux House Kitchen

We’ve just experienced a glorious Feast, The Taste of St. James’s is next week, and before you blink, Mardi Gras will be here. Between all of these “major” events, Wednesday night dinners are served, the hospitality team is constantly working to make special occasions meaningful, Food Force Teams are preparing meals for outreach every month, Bible Studies meet and break bread together, and the Youth Group prepares Palm Sunday breakfast. The list goes on and on.

Rarely does a week pass by the that the kitchen is not the source of nourishment and fellowship. What comes through those doors to bring the parish together in so many ways is nothing short of amazing. The food is so good, we often find ourselves shaking our heads thinking “How did they do that? How could they possibly pull that off?” The answer, of course, is through the care and love of those who experience the kitchen. Let us give thanks for our many blessings!

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