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Michaux House Parlors

You walk past them every Sunday on your way to coffee hour or for a Wednesday night dinner or for a celebration in Valentine Hall. You may even stop and sit to reflect on the day or just have a quiet moment before becoming completely engaged in an activity in the Michaux House. (more…)

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The Chimes

Next time you find yourself next to the exterior of the sanctuary, take a look at how precisely and tightly the bricks still fit together, and how truly straight and clear-cut the dimensions and angles of the walls remain after 105 years of wind and water and engine exhaust and gravity. (more…)

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Choir Room

Propter chorum (for the good of the choir) Drive down West Franklin St. past St. James’s on Wednesday or Thursday night. You’ll see lights burning brightly on the 2nd floor of Gibson Hall — the choir room. (more…)

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The Chapel

Have you been in the Chapel for a service?  An evening prayer?  A wedding?  Eucharist?  If the answer is ‘Yes’, you understand the closeness of community when seated or when gathered at the Altar rail.  (more…)

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The Narthex

The entry way to the church is called the narthex, a word that comes from the Greek for “small case.” Originally the enclosed vestibule or porch to a basilica, where penitents and catechumans stood during a service. (more…)

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