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The Narthex

The entry way to the church is called the narthex, a word that comes from the Greek for “small case.” Originally the enclosed vestibule or porch to a basilica, where penitents and catechumans stood during a service.

St. James’s narthex is where first impressions of our church are made.  It’s a place for a warm welcome for all who enter.  An usher will always greet you with a handshake and copy of the Sunday Chimes that includes the order of service and the many opportunities for learning and fellowship offered each week.

When you are next at St. James’s, take a few minutes to look around the narthex.  It holds many of the historical treasures of our church.  You will discover tributes to our fallen soldiers and servants of many ministries, all faithful “Doers of the Word”.  Many of these memorials date to the early 1800’s during the very formation of St. James’s.

As you enter the church, always remember that it is a sacred space of worship and greet one another joyfully, but quietly and with reverence.  If you ever have questions about when to enter the nave if the service has begun, the ushers will be happy to assist you with the doors at the appropriate time.

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