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The Chapel

Have you been in the Chapel for a service?  An evening prayer?  A wedding?  Eucharist?  If the answer is ‘Yes’, you understand the closeness of community when seated or when gathered at the Altar rail. Behind is the Alpha / Omega window, a reminder that our Christ is ever present…the beginning and the end.  Do you feel the acoustics in the room, particularly when the parish choir sings the last anthem here, or when the hushed voice leads prayer?  Have you looked up to see the small balcony, with the door leading to the Sanctuary?

This space, before the 1994 fire, was the Sacristy, where all preparation was done for the service…where the Fair Linen was lovingly cared for in order to host the communion at the Altar.

Have you experienced the silence of this space?

Come early, come late.  Be present with the Holy.

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