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Like you, we at St. James’s seek lifelong growth in Jesus Christ. And one of the most rewarding, inspiring, fascinating and (sometimes) challenging ways we do that is through Adult Learning.

Around here, Adult Learning happens in so many ways, including adult classes, Bible studies, pilgrimages offered here at St. James’s and other locations (which are currently on hold), lay-led Sunday Small Groups and House Churches, retreats and intentional spirituality groups, major events like WomanKind, plus weekly Bible and book studies.

Some Adult Programs are scheduled on Sundays, others throughout the week, so you can find the program that fits your needs and your schedule.

Whichever path you follow, parishioners here find our Adult Learning options strengthen their connection to (and understanding of ) God, nourish their souls, challenge long-held beliefs, crystalize ideas that have been hard to hold, support holy habits and practices, and ultimately (and perhaps most importantly), guide their feet in the ways of Jesus Christ.

It’s also safe to say that many friendships have begun and been sustained in our Adult Learning programs.

Are you longing to connect but not sure where to start? Are you discerning where the Holy Spirit is calling you? Want to serve on the Adult Formation Ministry team? The Rev. Hilary Streever and any of our AFM Team would love to meet with you over coffee (; 355-1779, ext. 319).

Adult Formation Ministry Team:
Grey Ligon, Chair
Jane Dowrick
Andy Bennett
Leigh Hulcher
Lile Benaicha

Click on the printable image for a summary of all of the adult programs starting this fall!

Sunday Programs
Becoming Beloved Community
Retreats, Pilgrimages,
and Field Trips
Book Clubs
Wednesday Night Programs
Bible Studies
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