St. James’s has so many valuable friends all over the world. Our emphasis is on long-term relationships maintained by annual short-term missions to build, heal and grow. St. James’s has a rich history of domestic and international mission trips. Each year, we send 8-10 mission teams out to share God’s love through service. Most mission trips do not require special skills – just willing hands and a compassionate heart!

The cost of each mission depends on the number registered and the location.  For more information, contact the leader of each trip or contact Missions Committee Chair Andy Smith at smitha@stcva.org. Register early, as team sizes are limited.  For general information on the St. James’s Missions program, contact Missions Committee Chair Andy Smith at smitha@stcva.org. Andy can also explain the new Passport to Missions program that supports new missioners.

A limited number of scholarships for missions are available. The Passport to Missions program will make a grant for a new missioner up to half of the mission cost. Other scholarships are considered on a case-by-case basis. To request a partial or full scholarship, call The Rev. John McCard (804)355-1779, ext. 318. All scholarship requests are confidential.


St. James’s Missions Work Inspires Her Future

Anastasia Redmond knows that her church family has influenced her vision for her life path – from working in  the nursery on Franklin Street to forming mission friendships an ocean away – and she is grateful for it. “St James’s has given me a whole part of my life that I wouldn’t have otherwise.”  Click below to view a video of Anastasia talking about her life-changing experiences as a member of the St. James’s family. 

Some of St. James’s Past Mission Opportunities

Mission to San Pedro Sula, Honduras – July 2020
(to be rescheduled – cancelled due to COVID)

The church’s longest running mission continues to flourish in this country with one of the poorest economies in Central America.

Over the past quarter of a century, our mission teams have built many meaningful relationships with our friends at Our Little Roses Home for Girls in the city of San Pedro Sula. An inter-generational trip to Our Little Roses Home for Girls, a refuge for girls aged 9 months to 20, whose families cannot care for them. We plan and lead a “summer camp” for the girls, which can include games, sports, arts and crafts, bible school, cooking, science experiments, field trips to pools, the beach, retreat center, etc. We learn about Honduran culture. We develop relationships with the girls at Our Little Roses. We worship with them. We learn about ourselves. Most importantly, we provide lots of needed LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, which touches the lives of these girls as well as ours!

Download an informational flyer here.

Take a quiet moment to look at the photos and reflect on the words of Frances, a graduate of Our Little Roses, in her February 2017 sermon to Christ Church below. She beautifully and powerfully articulates the importance of missions to OLR and how they have impacted her life. The best message is toward the end … so please listen all the way through.

Haiti Mission – November, 2019

St. James returned to work with the St. Joseph Family’s facilities in Jacmel, Haiti, which consist of Lekol Sen Trinite (St. Trinity School) and Wings of Hope, a residential facility for disabled children and young adults.

The purpose of the trip was two-fold – to work with the Wings residents, staff and teachers providing support and training (appropriate for those with special education or physical therapy experience, and those who enjoy and are comfortable working with special needs people); to provide light construction and maintenance type services, which can be almost anything. One item that may be on the agenda this year is building a chicken coop.

Appalachia Youth Mission – July, 2019

A Saint James’s team of 9th to 12th grade students headed back to Hurley Community Development Center to help local residents with home repairs, cleaning projects, painting, yard work, farming, etc. Our days were full of projects and time interacting with local residents, and during the evenings we enjoyed free time to relax, hang out, worship, and explore the local area. We stayed in bunkhouses at the center and ate in their dining hall. At the end of the week we spent a day or two enjoying fun recreation in the Shenandoah Valley.

Check out these awesome videos from previous trips!

2018: 2018 Hurley Trip Video

2017: 2017 Hurley Trip Video

2016: 2016 Hurley Trip Video

Summer Missions for Community Immersion – June, 2019

St. James’s youth, parents and leaders worked with project:Homes, a non-profit community agency that embraces the needs of low-income Richmond city senior residents. The volunteers assisted with yard cleaning and house repair/renovation. The team spent a week working with members in the community with joyful hearts, and a willingness to serve. They made new Richmond friends and a difference in their lives and neighborhoods.

Navajoland, Utah Mission – March, 2019

The St. James Navajoland mission team supported St. Christopher’s Mission, an Episcopal Mission in SE Utah, started in 1943.  The purpose of their work was to assist St. Christopher’s in regaining its role as a center of activity and benefit to the Navajo community, and in so doing, establishing and nurturing a relationship of trust and cultural interchange.  St. James provided this support through an array of projects, such as grounds beautification, facilities renovation, and agriculture.

Bluff is located in a very remote part of Utah, surrounded by Navajoland and a stunning array of national parks. St. Christopher’s Mission was built in 1943. The grounds include a museum, community farm, and a free well used by many Navajo as their main water source.

Cuba Mission – 2018

This mission was part of a very special partnership with the Episcopal Diocese of Cuba that began in 2013. Teams from St. James’s have assisted in the rebuilding of a church in Santiago de Cuba, and have also worked on projects in Havana as well. Our 2017 mission went to Santiago de Cuba, a large and colorful city on the eastern side of Cuba, far away from the tourist-soaked streets of Havana. Our team assisted in the reconstruction of the Iglesia San Pedro, an Episcopal church that was destroyed by a hurricane in the 1960s. The land has remained vacant since then and the congregants have been meeting at member’s homes. For more information about this site, read this article in the Spring 2016 Quarterly Chimes. This Cuba mission experience included opportunities for hard physical work, building meaningful relationships with Cuban Episcopalians, and absorbing the vibrant culture of Cuba.

Stay tuned for information on future missions to Cuba. In the coming years, we hope to help in the building of Camp Blankingship in the central Santa Clara region. Camp Blankingship was the vision of the late bishop of Cuba, The Rt. Rev. Alexander Hugo Blankingship, a native Virginian with ties to St. James’s. Camp Blankingship will be a camp and retreat center for the Diocese of Cuba, much like Shine Mont is for the Diocese of Virginia.

Thistle Farms Mission Experience – 2018

Thistle Farms in Nashville, TN is a powerful community of women who are healing from prostitution, trafficking, and addiction. Our time at Thistle Farms involved listening, touring, serving, and learning from the amazing women working to rebuild their lives through this transformative program.

Thistle Farms is a two-year residential program based in Nashville, Tennessee, that provides housing, medical care, therapy, education, and job training free of charge for women who are survivors of trafficking, prostitution, and addiction.Their comprehensive model offers women hope and healing and the chance to join a growing national and global network dedicated to changing a culture that allows human beings to be bought and sold. To get a full view of the program’s depth, visit their website: thistlefarms.org.

20 years ago, Becca Stevens, an Episcopal priest, dreamed that she could make a difference – and Thistle Farms was born. Today it is a thriving community that helps women discover their worth, gain work skills, and rebuild their lives. We were blessed to have Becca as a preacher and speaker at WomanKind in 2016, and we are excited to begin a new mission partnership with the amazing organization she founded.

In 2018, St. James’s sent a mission team of twelve women to Nashville to partner with Thistle Farms. We worshiped together, worked alongside the women of Thistle Farms, and learned from their stories of recovery and resilience.  If you are interested in joining the mission team for our next journey, please contact trip leaders Sarah Hubard  or Leigh Hulcher.