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Beginning Sunday, September 5, St. James’s will require that everyone 2 years old or older wear a mask to any indoor event, including our Sunday services.


  • Since we returned to in-person services in June, Covid cases in the Richmond area have increased by at least 20 times. To be as safe as we can be while still being together, we have decided to require everyone to wear masks.
  • We are also are keenly focused on protecting our unvaccinated children, as we know you are.
  • Beyond that, while the vaccines have been effective, the Delta variant can infect vaccinated people and vaccinated people can spread COVID.
  • For all of these reasons, we are requiring masks, even during our daily staff activities.

Please check this page often to see if the situation has changed.

Follow this link:  CovidActNow,  for a wide variety of information and data about COVID in our area.

When do children need to wear masks?

Children age 2 and older who are not yet fully vaccinated, with rare exception, should wear masks when they are at schoolchild care or camp, and while participating in group activities such as most indoor sports and outdoors sports that have close contact They should also wear masks any time they are unable to stay a safe distance from others, such as the grocery store.

Everyone should also continue to wear them when traveling on a plane, bus, train, or other form of public transportation, and at the airport or station.

If you have a medically fragile child or an at-risk adult in your household, you may want to consider having anyone at home who is not fully vaccinated wear masks at home to help protect them.

Taken from the, the website of the American Pediatric Association

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