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Valentine Hall

When we moved into Michaux House several years ago, we were greeted by a beautiful gathering space, fittingly named Valentine Hall in honor of Henry and Peggy Valentine. With this month’s Chimes theme about Servant Sunday, it could not be more appropriate to recognize this holiest of spaces.

Thinking back on the continuous use it receives, we have had countless Wednesday night dinners, wedding receptions, greetings and farewells.  We’ve raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for missions during Mardi Gras Auctions.  There have been Vacation Bible Schools, Vestry meetings, Bible Studies, Caritas shelter weeks, Servant Sundays, and countless other gatherings.  It’s used a LOT, and I’m sure you have your own memories of being in this great room.

Sitting in a recent Forum, I began to think about Valentine Hall and how lucky we are to have it.  It is a beautiful Sacred Space, and God is present there on every occasion.

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