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[doers_claim_no_key] Welcome to the sign up page where you can claim your member account in our online parish directory. The account is linked to the email address of the primary head of household that we have listed in the church database. If you try and fail with one email, please try another, as most families have several.

When you enter a matching email address, a message will be sent to that address for you to use in completing the profile claim process. If you do not get a match, you can simply email the Communications Office and request access. We will send you instructions within one business day.

[/doers_claim_no_key][doers_claim_found_key] Thanks for claiming your family profile. Please create a password that you can use at any time to access this profile data. Once your password is created (make sure you note what it is!), you will be directed to the data page for your family. From that point, you may make changes in your personal data. You will also have access to search for other families and individuals or to browse the complete listing.

Not all parish members have profiles and some may have restricted access to their data. If you want to find or reach someone specifically and that information does not appear online, please call the church office at 355-1779 and ask for Gina Young or Anita Lisk.

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