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Easter People: Faith Practice and Climate Justice

Wednesdays in Easter

Wednesdays, April 27 – May 25, 6-7pm, via Zoom

Easter People: Faith Practice and Climate Justice

Join us as we follow the Episcopal Church curriculum on climate justice. This series takes as its starting point that climate change is human-caused, destructive to people and places, and a long-range unintended consequence of the industrial revolution. Our faith is that God has conquered sin and death through the resurrection of Jesus Christ. As members of his body we are empowered by the Holy Spirit to act as witnesses of God’s power in the world. Practicing faith means seeking a way of life that brings healing to our planet and people. We do this individually and collectively as disciples. Join fellow St. James’sers for Bible study, discussion and reflection to learn more about climate change, about how God is calling us to be stewards of God’s creation, and to discuss what resurrection and healing for the planet and people might look like. Then come to our Sunday Adult Forum on Rogation Sunday, May 22, to learn more about our diocesan Creation Care Task Force.  *SUGGESTED PREPARATION FOR EACH WEDNESDAY SESSION: Prepare a prayer table or space (could be on a small tray) with a candle (real or battery operated), a Bible, and objects from nature such as leaves, pine cones, feathers, a small bowl of water, seeds – really whatever your heart desires to represent God’s creation, and to be ready to access scripture.  For more information contact the Host Coordinator: Jane Dowrick, [email protected] (804-334-0117).

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April 27: Genesis 1 & 3: I Belong to God’s Beloved Creation Climate change is often portrayed as something that happens on a global scale, far beyond our capacity to understand or affect. Human beings are often portrayed as somehow separate from the rest of God’s creation. As we practice faith in an era of climate chaos, we need Scripture’s wisdom, which teaches us that we belong in Creation and have a special role to play.

May 4: John 1: I Belong to Jesus Christ, who is God. Jesus teaches me to seek truth. The climate crisis has broken the world just as sin has always broken humanity’s relationships. Jesus Christ, through whom the world was made, comes to take away the sin of the world. But often, Christians are portrayed as not caring about the planet or climate. Sometimes it seems like you are supposed to be either a person of faith or a person of science. But in the Episcopal Church, science and faith go hand in hand. Is that how participants see Christianity generally portrayed in the news, media, or by friends? How do participants understand the interplay of science and faith in their own lives? What would be different if Christians everywhere understood our faith as mandating care for all Creation?

May 11: Psalms 104 & 24: My Place on Earth is part of God’s Creation Climate justice affects the whole planet and all peoples. That includes us, where we live. This session will look at our local watershed, local responses to climate change, and what the Episcopal Church has begun doing for climate justice.

May 18: Acts 2: I am not alone; I Belong to a Cloud of Witnesses At Pentecost we celebrate that God has given us the Holy Spirit. As we address the climate crisis, we can remember that God’s Holy Spirit continues to call and empower people across the globe today. We are part of a cloud of witnesses. Each of us has gifts to give and a call to serve. Do you ever feel like different generations speak different languages or come from different cultures, especially as it relates to climate justice? Could the Holy Spirit work here, to help us connect? What would be different if our church kept talking and acting about climate after this series was done? What might older adults and younger adults be able to do together, if we began to imagine working across generations for the sake of future generations?

May 25: 1 Peter 1: Our Church is Meant to Cultivate Resurrection Hope Together (or Star Trek 4 Movie Night in Valentine Hall?) Are there next steps you would like to explore to live your faith as baptized servants of Jesus Christ in the world shaped by climate emergency? How might St. James’s be a witness to Christ, willing to walk by faith to tend and heal God’s creation?

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