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Education for Ministry (EfM) 2018

The EfM curriculum of study, worship and theological reflection in a small group is one of the most comprehensive theological education experiences available, outside of seminary. One EfM graduate said, “EfM has helped me be more aware of the God-full moments in my daily walk – at work, at home, at play – and to discover how I can minister right where I am, right now, and to explore possible new ministry.”  EfM meets weekly at St. James’s on Tuesdays, 6:30 to 8:30 pm from mid-September to mid-May. There is a tuition fee and scholarships are available.

Our next sessions of the Education For Ministry course began this September. We can enroll up to 12 people in a group.To register or for more information, please call  Jane Dowrick (804-327-1602). While EFM is a 4 year course, you need only commit for a year at a time. The cost for materials and resources is $375.00, and scholarships are available. If you want to go deeper, discuss questions in a safe inclusive group, learn more about Jesus and our church, consider EFM. One of the many benefits of EFM is applying learning to day to day life. Need a small group? This is for you.

Information about EfM is also online at

A recent EfM class at St. James’s:

Education for Ministry Class

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