Youth Ministry – 6th to 12th graders


Lace up your shoes and join us for Sunday Running Club

We’ve started our spring running club and invite runners/joggers/walkers to join us for a  super casual opportunity to enjoy the warmer weather, get some exercise, and see new and old friends.

Here’s what you need to know:
This club is for every ability level – walkers, joggers, and runners are all part of the fun.  Our course is a 2.5 mile loop around Byrd Park that you can lengthen or shorten and enjoy at your own pace.  The club is organized by the Youth Ministry for 6th-12th graders and adult youth leaders – but the whole family is welcome – and/or invite a friend!  Everyone who participates should bring their own mask and water bottle.  For safety:  If you’re feeling well, come join the fun! Having symptoms? Please stay home.

• Every Sunday from April 11 to  May 23, 2021
• Arrive by 10:00 a.m. and we’ll start the run promptly at 10:05 a.m.

• Byrd Park – We’ll meet in the Dogwood Dell Parking area, adjacent to Barker Field parking.

Church Virtual School (CVS)

St. James’s CVS has been in session since September 14th, 2020 and will continue through the end of the 2020-21 school year on June 17.

The school has been offered Monday – Thursday for all middle and high school virtual learners and offered a place to attend their online classes with the company of friends, adult supervision, and social distancing. The school has 2+ adults present at all time and has accomodated up to 12 students who’ve been spread out at work stations on the third floor of the Michaux House. Strict social distancing guidelines are maintained at all times throughout the school day, which starts between 8:00 – 9:00 a.m. and ends consistent with their in-person school day (4:20 p.m. at the latest). Students have the option to attend as they need – every day, or just one or two days a week.

Ready to get signed up for CVS? Click here to register.

Want more information? Click here to see our Detailed Design Plan.  Click on the image at right to view a video tour of a typical CVS day.


With a spirit of optimism, St. James’s Youth Ministry is planning several mission opportunities for 2021. Details are subject to change so check here for up-to-date information about these offerings or contact Mary Beth Abplanalp at

Appalachia Youth Mission for 9th-12th graders, July 18-24, 2021

  • Come help with home repairs in the rural mountain coal community of Hurley, VA, hard hit by the economic impacts of the pandemic. Many residents in this community live in mobile homes that require significant maintenance. We’ll work with Hurley Community Development Inc. to swing hammers, build ramps, clean up debris, and much more. Your care and concern for your neighbors is just one way you convey Christ’s love in this world
  • Our days will be full of physical labor and rewarding work projects, and evenings will be filled with relaxation, fellowship, worship, and education
  • Chaperones will drive students to Appalachia and accompany them for this week-long experience. Parents are also welcome to drive their child separately and participate in the mission as a parent chaperone
  • For COVID safety we’ll sleep in separate hotel rooms, spend lots of time outside, and abide by CDC guidelines for masking and social distancing throughout the experience. If guidelines change, so may aspects of our trip, so we’ll continue to remain flexible while prioritize the safety of all participants and our mission partners
  • At the end of the week, we’ll spend a day at Breaks Interstate Park for some recreation and adventure before returning to Richmond.
  • Youth can earn up to 20 hours of community service hours
  • Older youth unable to attend the Appalachia mission are welcome to participate in the Mini-Mission instead
  • Cost = $575 (If you’re participating with a sibling or parent, the price drops to $450 per person for double occupancy)

Mini-Mission for current 5th-8th graders, July 16-18, 2021

  • Come work in the fields harvesting crops as we partner with Harvest of Hope to “glean” crops to donate to local food banks
  • Gleaning is a practice that comes from the Old Testament as a way of helping those in poverty or struggling with hunger
  • For COVID safety, we’ll do this as a “Family-based” experience where youth will sleep at home and parents provide transportation and can join in the gleaning too
  • We’ll have team gatherings throughout the weekend for fellowship, education, and worship
  • Older youth unable to attend the Appalachia mission are welcome to participate in the Mini-Mission
  • COST = $20 per student and $20 per parent




Milestone Ministries

Blessing of the Keys

Fifth Grade Bridge Ceremony

Senior Blessing

Acolyte Ministry






We’re honored and excited to walk with you through your confirmation preparation process. Confirmation is a sacrament, or a sacramental rite, in which the candidates “express a mature commitment to Christ, and receive strength from the Holy Spirit through prayer and the laying on of hands by a bishop” (BCP, p. 860).

For the 2020-2021 program year, St. James’s is offering a mixed-age virtual confirmation process for youth (with a parent) and adults who desire to be confirmed. We’ll offer 5 “deep dive” sessions spread out once a month throughout the program year. Students beginning in 9th grade are eligible to attend with a parent. It’s intended as a “family” process, not just youth attending by themselves. Confirmands will also have a mentor of their choosing. Youth from the 2019-2020 confirmation process that was interrupted by the pandemic are also welcome to participate in the 2020-2021 process as an extension to what they’ve already begun. This program is already underway for 2020-2021 and we are no longer accepting registrations at this time.

Information about the fall 2021-22 Confirmation Class and season will be available soon. Have questions in the meantime?  Contact Mary Beth Abplanalp at

Racial Justice Course for Teens

The Episcopal Church has developed a Christian formation program specifically for youth called Dismantling Racism: A Youth Curriculum. Mary Beth Abplanalp is now certified to teach this 6-session curriculum designed to help middle and high school youth and their parents have conversations about race, become allies, and build relationships to address systemic racism in their context. The goal is to help youth connect their faith with racial healing in our communities.

St. James’s will offer this program in the 2021-2022 school year. Students must be accompanied by at least one parent.  Please note the program builds on previous sessions so if you miss a session, you’ll need to discontinue the course and participate again the next time it is offered, which we hope is at least once annually. For more information, contact Mary Beth Abplanalp, Director of Youth Ministry, at or 703-470-6832.

Download “Dismantling Racism: A Youth Curriculum”.

Support & Prayer Requests 

The clergy and church staff are here to support you and your entire family.  Please let us know how we can be praying for you and supporting the needs of your family.  We’re never too busy for a pastoral call.

More About Youth Ministry at St. James’s

The Youth Ministry at St. James’s is so much more than just a “youth group.” We help engage 6th – 12th graders and their families in all aspects of church life, in addition to providing service projects, programs and retreats specifically for youth.

Our Mission and Values

St. James’s Youth Ministry loves and supports our youth through a joyful Christian Community so that they may explore a relationship with Christ, find their identity in God’s love for them, and serve God as Doers of the Word.

Ministry Values

  • Community – We develop and celebrate friendships.
  • Love – We love others as Christ loves us.
  • Acceptance – We welcome and celebrate all, as members of the body of Christ.
  • Faithfulness – We are grounded in God’s love and seek to grow in faith and service.
  • Fun – We embrace a playful environment.

Youth Group Meetings

Sunday Youth Group meet ups are offered in conjunction with the September – May school year and are winding down for 2021.  Look for the start of the new Sunday meeting schedule in September, 2021. 

At that time we’ll continue to offer two youth groups:  JYF (junior youth fellowship) for middle schoolers in grades 6-8, and SYF (senior youth fellowship) for high schoolers in grades 9-12. We hear your desire to “see your friends.” Social interactions are developmentally essential for teenagers as you seek to discover your own identity, so our youth groups this year will focus on relationships and social interactions with other peers and adults from our church community. We’ll share stories, play games, build friendships, and grow in our faith together through stories, video, discussions, and put our faith into action through service projects. And if you prefer to watch but not contribute (hello introverts), there’s still space for you to be present too without any requirement to participate. We’ll meet for about 45-60 minutes most Sundays.


For up-to-the-minute information about new activities and upcoming events – follow us on Instagram: @youthofsjerichmond, and on Facebook: James’s Youth Ministry.  Have other questions?  Contact Mary Beth Abplanalp, Director of Youth Ministry, at

Click the image for a video tour of a typical CVS school day.