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Make a Gift of Stock

There are many advantages to making a gift of appreciated stock to St. James’s. You may use stock to fulfill your annual pledge or to make a special gift. The benefits of giving stock may enable you to make make a larger gift than you may have thought possible: You are entitled to an income tax charitable deduction for the full market value of the stock, and you pay no capital gains tax on the appreciation. If you have stock that has depreciated in value, you would be better served to sell the stock yourself, retaining the loss to offset other gains, and donate the sale proceeds to St. James’s.

Making a gift of stock is simple. St. James’s has accounts at several brokerage organizations, and you may use any one of them to complete your stock transfer. PLEASE NOTIFY THE CHURCH IF YOU PLAN TO MAKE A STOCK GIFT! If you make a transfer between brokerage firms, your name may be omitted from the transfer information because of the Privacy Act. As a result, the receiving brokerage company (and, in turn, St. James’s) may not be able to identify your gift. Therefore, before you make a stock gift, please notify St. James’s Financial Manager Poconna Thiel (804.355.1779 ext. 311) or contact the Stewardship Office to notify us that you are making a transfer (804.355.1779 ext. 365).

Gift the Rollover From Your IRA

People age 70½ or older who own an IRA may make cash gifts directly from their IRA to charity. For many people, this is the best tax-wise way to give. An IRA rollover gift will not be included in your taxable income and will qualify for your required minimum distribution.

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