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Our New Ministry

Invite • Welcome • Connect

St. James’s is at an important point in our history. As we get closer to living in a post-COVID world, we want to take a look at how we relate to prospective members, newcomers and to long-time parishioners, so each of them can find what they need from our amazing church. At the heart of that goal is Invite • Welcome • Connect (IWC).

This isn’t a program that a few people carry out. It’s a philosophy and practice that is woven into every single thing we do. Because IWC is essential to the way the church operates moving forward, we want as much input from as many parishioners as possible. We’re currently collecting and reviewing input from virtual focus group meetings and house church-based focus groups held earlier this month.

It’s not too late for you to weigh in and your input matters – please share your thoughts by completing this survey.

To know more about IWC, watch one or both of these videos:

In addition, read the general overview about IWC below, which includes information about ways that this ministry intersects with the mission of St. James’s.

We’re really excited to be finally kicking off Invite • Welcome • Connect for our parish.  And your input is essential to our success.

Invite.Welcome.Connect Logo

IWC at St. James is a Ministry that:

  • Celebrates the story of Christ as an invitation to a new life
  • Asks us to have the compassion and courage to open ourselves to receive others, and in so doing, be made new
  • Believes that we come to this community by invitation of the Holy Spirit
  • Nurtures a community ethos of authentic welcome and connection
  • Promotes listening to the stories of others as a sacred act
  • Values personal relationships as acts of grace

St. James’s Mission Statement

St. James’s is an urban church in the heart of Richmond, Virginia.  We are a community drawn together by our love of God and our desire to serve Christ in the world.  We pray together, work together, learn, laugh, and sing together.  We try every day to share a little bit of God’s love with our hurting world.  Come and join us.  You are welcome here.

IWC at St. James calls us to:

  • INVITE: to appeal to others to join our community in relationships and experiences of benefit and value
  • WELCOME: to offer hospitality to others that helps them feel seen and acknowledged
  • CONNECT: to ensure a safe space in which we listen to the personal stories of others and discern ministries that will fulfill their passions and talents
  • Support present and prospective parishioners to attain answers for:

Where do I fit in?

Can I make friends?

Am I safe here?

Can I find ways to belong and serve?

Am I seen, valued, and known?

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