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Christ of the Celts cover Finer than Gold, Sweeter than Homey cover

The Living Faith Bible Study is a group of women who meet to explore the riches of scripture in terms of life issues and the living out of our faith. Recent topics have included grief, loss, relationships and forgiveness.  All are welcome.

Contact: Betse Trice at 282-4726

We will begin with a study of The Psalms: Finer than Gold, Sweeter than Honey, by The Rev. Canon Herbert O’Driscoll and follow with Christ of the Celts by John Phillip Newell. Both are respected theologians, spiritual leaders, writers of great inspiration. O’Driscoll retired as Rector of the College of Preachers at the Washington National Cathedral and Newell is the former Vicar of the Iona Abbey, currently director of SALVA TERRA with its vision toward the healing of the earth.

Both books are available from Amazon and the John Phillip Newell books are available at the St. Stephen’s bookstore as well.

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