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Vestry Policy

Terms and Conditions for the
Burial of Cremated Remains in the St. James’s Memorial Garden


“Church” refers to St. James’s Episcopal Church and includes the Clergy, Vestry, Wardens, employees, members and/or agents of St. James’s Episcopal Church.

“Garden” is the Memorial Garden on the grounds of the church

“Immediate family” includes the spouses, children, parents, brothers, and sisters of members or of former members of the church.


The Memorial Garden at St. James’s Episcopal Church on West Franklin Street in the City of Richmond, Virginia has been established for the burial of cremated remains.

The Rector, Vestry, and Wardens of the church have full custody and control of the Garden and its use.

Only cremated human remains may be buried in the Garden. The cremated remains shall be buried directly in the earth. After burial, the remains will not be recoverable, nor will they be preserved in any manner.

The cremated remains shall be those of Church members, the immediate families of Church members, former Church members, and others designated by the Rector as may be pastorally appropriate.

Arrangements for the interment of ashes and for funeral or memorial services shall be made with the Rector.

A fee in an amount set by the Vestry is requested for each interment. The current fee is $1,200.00, which includes: the interment of ashes, engraving the stone marker, creating a page in the Book of Remembrance, and the perpetual care of the garden. Memorials honoring the deceased will always be welcome as an additional means of ensuring the long term care of the Garden.

No Property right of any kind in the Garden shall be acquired by the making of a payment of any amount. Except for the stone markers, no memorial, permanent or temporary, shall be placed in the Garden.

Application for the interment of ashes in the Garden may be made at the time of need by the next of kin or pre-arrangement may be made for burial in the Garden by completing an application form in duplicate.

Date Adopted:         April 19, 2016

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