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Prayer Requests

Do you know that the clergy of St. James’s meet every week to discuss who among our parishioners needs special care and spiritual nuture? These discussions and the ministry of pastoral care and counsel are accomplished with the utmost attention to confidentiality.

The most important source for this pastoral-care process is what we hear from you about the medical, emotional, or spiritual issues you and those you love are confronting. Often we find out that one of our parishioners has been in the hospital, or sick at home, or suffering in some crisis, after the situation has passed. Although we would like at the least to offer our care and the concern of the entire church, we are short-circuited by this lack of knowledge. Therefore, we would like to enlist your help. If you or a parishioner you know of are in need of pastoral care, please contact Mary Brown in the church office at 804-355-1779 x313 or speak to one of the clergy.

In our meetings, we review our pastoral prayer list carefully in a discerning spirit and together decide who needs our prayers or other help. Along with the prayer list that we hold up in our Sunday worship services, there is a separate prayer list that is included in our Wednesday worship that incorporates parishioners who have long-term needs, as well as those in acute need. The pastoral-care team also determines who among the clergy will visit a specific parishioner and follow up on our prayers with care for them. We thank you in advance for your help in our effort to follow the lead of Christ as he ministered to those in need.

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