Vestry Statement on Annual Giving

“What we give to the Church’s work in the world depends on the relationship each of us has with God. In considering a level of commitment, we must reflect on and pray about our thankfulness to God for the good things given to us in this life. The Vestry encourages charitable giving, with the hope that a pledge to support God’s work at St. James’s will be an individual’s or family’s largest charitable gift.

The Vestry acknowledges the Biblical tithe of 10 percent of annual income as the standard of giving to God’s work in the world. We strongly encourage our fellow Vestry members and parishioners to be mindful of the tithe as we prayerfully consider our financial commitment to the vital work and ministry of this congregation in our community and in the world.

We further recognize that in order to expect parishioners to contribute a larger percentage of their giving and time to St. James’s, the Church must communicate clearly how it uses its resources to support the ministries and maintenance of St. James’s.”