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Annual Parish Meeting – January 30th

Come to the sanctuary the meeting when the parish leadership to report on the state of the parish to the entire congregation, and for the parish to elect the next vestry class. Come to hear from our rector the Rev. Dr. John McCard, senior warden Laura McCoy, junior warden John Conrad, and financial officer Susan Coogan, and cast your vote for vestry.


Diocesan Ministry for Racial Justice and Healing – February 27

Meet the Rev. Dr. J. Lee Hill, Jr., our new diocesan Missioner for Racial Justice and Healing, and learn about our diocesan ministry for racial justice and healing. A native Virginian, Lee holds degrees from George Mason, Wake Forest, Emory University, and post-graduate certificates from Princeton Theological Seminary, the Morehouse School of Pastoral Leadership, and the Shalem Institute for Spiritual Formation. He is an ordained minister with standing in the Alliance of Baptists and the United Church of Christ, and has served congregations in California, New York, and North Carolina


The C’s of Salvation History – March 6 through April 3

Have you ever felt ‘lost in the weeds’ of the Bible – like, you know some details but not how they fit together into a big picture? Join the clergy for this 5-part Lenten series hitting the high points of the Bible: Creation, Crisis, Covenant with Israel, Christ, Church and the Coming Reign of God. Those who attend this series and attend an adult confirmation weeknight small group will be eligible for confirmation, reception, or reaffirmation of baptismal vows at the bishop’s annual visitation on May 15.

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