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What does it mean to be a "doer" of the word?

That’s the simple question asked by every person at St. James’s. 

Is it finding a meaningful ministry? Or developing authentic relationships? Is it serving? Teaching? Learning? Outreach? Hospitality? Or are you looking to be part of a mission trip that can change lives–starting with your own? Do you want to serve our church, our community or the larger world? 

Whatever your answer (or, hopefully, answers), there are so many places here to find your passion. 


If you want to deepen your understanding of your faith, the church, or our history, St. James’s education programs–for adults and young people– are ambitious, thoughtfully created, engaging and challenging. 


If you want to serve our church, there are choices that fit your interests, your strengths and your schedule.


If your ambitions are global, our missions trips (once we resume them) have served locations from Africa to the Caribbean and South America, and even right here in Virginia.


If you want to teach or be a caretaker, our Sunday School and nursery programs are ideal for you.


If you love to cook, host parties, welcome newcomers or organize events (like our legendary Mardi Gras or Parish Retreats), there are so many ways for you to show your warmth and talents. 


If you want to sing out to God, our amazing music program has a choir for every age.


If you want to be a part of our moving Sunday services, you can be an usher, a lector or a Lay Eucharisitic Minister, or join the Altar Guild or Flower Guild.


And if you’re looking for a book club or a bible study (or you want to start one), we have so many groups to choose from.


So come, find what you interests you, what inspires you, what intrigues, or what touches your soul, then join the doers at St. James’s who share your passion.

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