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Holy Peeps Project 2021

Children and Youth are invited to get a shoe box, some Easter Candy, and a bit of imagination to create a diorama of a Bible story or liturgical action featuring PEEPS candies. The idea of this Lenten project is to inspire our children and youth to have fun exploring Bible stories and Episcopal liturgy by creating a diorama for our entire congregation to enjoy in an art exhibit on-line (Facebook, Instagram and  during Holy Week.

Yes, it’s a contest too!  There will be online voting and, yes, there will be prizes!

Project/Contest Rules:

  • Open to all children and youth. Family help at home is encouraged.
  • Dioramas should illustrate a Bible story or liturgical action (i.e. baptism, wedding, etc.)
  • Dioramas should be made in a standard-size shoe box.
  • All characters should be represented by a PEEP. You may also use non-perishable food items, craft supplies, and items found in nature.
  • Include a small index card with a title, your name, and a 2 to 3 sentence description of theme which will be displayed with your diorama in the exhibit.
  • Text picture of your diorama to  803-899-3904 by Thursday, March 18th
  • The Holy PEEPS Art Exhibit will be on display on Instagram SJEC1205 starting March 21.
  • Voting will take place on Instagram. Winners will be posted on Instagram on Palm Sunday, March 28th
  • The three categories are: Best use of Materials, Funniest, and Best Theme.
  • One winner per category will receive bragging rights and a prize!

Questions? Contact Becky Page, Director of Children’s Ministries, at [email protected]

Click here to print contest rules.

David & Goliath
Noah's Ark
St. James's Sanctuary
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