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Have you been deeply touched by your faith or a favorite ministry? What are the epiphanies on your personal spiritual journey? Where have you been called to a deeper relationship with Christ?

St. James’s is a community in constant transformation. As a way to acknowledge and honor the work of the Spirit that is occurring right in front of us, we are initiating “I Witness Accounts”, a podcast series that will offer any parishioner the opportunity to tell their story of transformation. These audio vignettes will resemble a national program called “Story Corps”, which often airs on National Public Radio’s news broadcasts.

The Communications Office will collect and produce the series. Parishioners are invited to contact us to arrange a time to stop by the church and talk.  The current podcasts are listed below.

Rosie Messer on Serving the Homeless

Tony Booker on receiving Community Outreach

Ken Hoen on a Richmond Mission Project

Jamie Swingley on Joining the Church as a Young Adult

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