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Missions offer a unique and exciting opportunity for youth to see places and meet people they might not have ever had the chance to otherwise. It’s also a chance for youth to grow deeply spiritually, giving back to complete strangers, bonding with people they may have just met or may have known their whole life, and learning new skills. They are truly one of a kind trips (at least until your second one), and range in location from inside Richmond to Central America. Find out more below!

High School Appalachia Mission

Appalachia Youth Mission for 9th-12th graders, July 18-24, 2021

Come help with home repairs in the rural mountain coal community of Hurley, VA, hard hit by the economic impacts of the pandemic. Many residents in this community live in mobile homes that require significant maintenance. We’ll work with Hurley Community Development Inc. to swing hammers, build ramps, clean up debris, and much more. Your care and concern for your neighbors is just one way you convey Christ’s love in this world

  • Our days will be full of physical labor and rewarding work projects, and evenings will be filled with relaxation, fellowship, worship, and education
  • Chaperones will drive students to Appalachia and accompany them for this week-long experience. Parents are also welcome to drive their child separately and participate in the mission as a parent chaperone
  • For COVID safety we’ll sleep in separate hotel rooms, spend lots of time outside, and abide by CDC guidelines for masking and social distancing throughout the experience. If guidelines change, so may aspects of our trip, so we’ll continue to remain flexible while prioritize the safety of all participants and our mission partners
  • At the end of the week, we’ll spend a day at Breaks Interstate Park for some recreation and adventure before returning to Richmond.
  • Youth can earn up to 20 hours of community service hours
  • Older youth unable to attend the Appalachia mission are welcome to participate in the Mini-Mission instead
  • Cost = $575 (If you’re participating with a sibling or parent, the price drops to $450 per person for double occupancy)

Harvest of Hope Mini Mission for current 5th-8th graders, July 16-18, 2021

Current 5th-8th graders will again partner with the organization Harvest of Hope. We will spend 3-4 days gleaning and learning about the issue of hunger and how we are called to assist our neighbors in need.

  • Come work in the fields harvesting crops as we partner with Harvest of Hope to “glean” crops to donate to local food banks
  • Gleaning is a practice that comes from the Old Testament as a way of helping those in poverty or struggling with hunger
  • For COVID safety, we’ll do this as a “Family-based” experience where youth will sleep at home and parents provide transportation and can join in the gleaning too
  • We’ll have team gatherings throughout the weekend for fellowship, education, and worship
  • Older youth unable to attend the Appalachia mission are welcome to participate in the Mini-Mission
  • COST = $20 per student and $20 per parent

Visit Harvest of Hope’s website,, to learn more about this awesome organization.

Registration for Summer 2021 Mission Opportunities

CLICK HERE  to register for 2021 Summer Mission Opportunites

Contact Mary Beth Abplanalp at [email protected]g with additional questions or for more information.

Past Mission Experiences

Take a look at the fun stuff that happens on these mission adventures!

2018 Senior High Mission
2017 Senior High Mission
2016 Senior High Mission

Parish Wide Mission Experiences

There are also mission experiences open to the entire congregation that youth are encouraged to join. These missions are very different from the youth-only opportunities and offer  parents the chance to join in mission work with their youth.

Summer Missions For Community Immersion

Join our ministry teams June 17 – 21, 2019 and make a difference! We plan to work with project:Homes, a non-profit service agency with which we have strong working partnerships.

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