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Wednesday Night Dinners 2024

Our popular Wednesday Night Dinners are back – with 15 dinners between now and May 22, with two weeks off before and after Easter. The suggested donation is:$10 per adult, $5 per child, $25 for a family.

Like last year, we are offering Season Passes, but with a twist. You can buy a full Season Pass, or you also have the option to buy a pre-Easter pass or a post-Easter pass. With a suggested donation of $10 per adult per meal, for instance, you can see that a season pass can save you a good deal of money if you plan to come regularly. 
Pre-Easter Pass
January 31-March 20 (8 dinners)
Adult: $56
Family $176
Post-Easter Pass
April 10-May 22 (7 dinners)
Adult: $49
Family: $154
Whole Season Pass
January 31-May 22(15 dinners) 
Adult: $105
Family: $330

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