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Narthex hustle bustle welcome

Welcome Ambassadors for St. James’s

Ushers welcomeOur Welcome Ambassadors put their best foot forward for St. James’s.

The idea behind the Welcome Ambassador program is to provide newcomers with a connection to someone who can be the “face” of St James’s in an informal and friendly way; someone who can help shine a light on our faith community, its people/programs/special events; someone to answer questions and share what they love about St James’s.

We want this to be an authentic and natural connection. Welcoming could include: invitation to share a cup of coffee after the service or even outside of church, invitation to join in a church event, a special service, a Bible study, etc. and introductions to other St. Jamesers who might share similar interests or circumstances.  The goal is to help folks engage in our community and feel welcome and included.

If you are a newcomer and have not yet been contacted by one of our Welcome Ambassadors, please get in touch with Laura Strickler. If you would like to join this special group to share your love of St. James’s with parishioners who are new, click here.

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