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Who was Elizabeth Whitlock?

Elizabeth Brockenbrough Aiken Whitlock, her husband Charles Evans Whitlock and their two daughters and son lived at 100 E. Franklin Street, which was called Linden Row, a hub of social activity at the time. Linden Row housed several noteworthy schools, including the school founded by Miss Virginia Randolph Ellett, which was to become St. Catherine’s School. Elizabeth was active in philanthropic organizations in Richmond and her family were parishioners of St. James’s Church at its first location at the corner of 5th and Marshall Street. Her husband Charles Evans had a prosperous career with a lumber company and later a cigar and tobacco company. After his death in 1911, she remained at Linden Row later moving to 820 W. Franklin Street. Naturally, she continued to worship at St. James’s which moved to its current location in 1913.

Elizabeth Whitlock left $5000 to St. James’s Episcopal Church at her death in 1930. The value of that gift today would be $68,757.

Vestry Statement on Legacy Giving:

“As a vestry we, the leaders of St. James’s Episcopal Church, acknowledge that all things do indeed come from God, and that we have a sacred responsibility to God and to St. James’s to support the long-term health of our parish. Our vibrant church of today is built on the generosity of those saints who have gone before us, and we give thanks for their gracious gifts.  To ensure a healthy church for tomorrow we commit ourselves to make provisions for St. James’s Endowment Fund, Inc. in our estate or other long-term financial plans, and by our example to encourage others to do the same.

St. James’s legacy giving program and the Whitlock Legacy Society have our full commitment and support. We invite other “doers of God’s Word” to join us on this spiritual journey, thereby becoming an eternal gift to our parish.”

Adopted by the Vestry April, 2019

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